about Bella co.

The Bella Company is a collaboration of Vintage, Modern, Beauty, our new Blog & Inspiration pages - all in one place. We will also be listing Events that we feel our customers may enjoy including antique fairs, vintage pop up shops, flea markets & more.

We started out back in 2004 specializing in Fine Vintage Lingerie with our shop Isabellas Vintage. That grew quickly and soon we were offering everything from one-of-a-kind Authentic Vintage Designer pieces to everyday vintage streetwear. Most recently we have started to carry vintage menswear & home decor.

Our Mission

Let’s be honest ok? We are concerned about all of the waste created on this beautiful planet of ours. One reason we started selling vintage was simple - we were tired of seeing perfectly good things filling up our landfills. We also had a slight obsession with quality made clothing rather than cheaply made mass produced goods.

At The Bella Co. our personal goal is to live a life more simply, to have less, to love more, and to do what makes our hearts happy. We want to inspire others to be kinder - on yourself, to others & to the environment.

We chose to support small shops, local companies, recycled, upcycled & 2nd hand stores because we feel it helps people in our communities & the environment, all at the same time. Our hope is that in some small way we make a difference in how you think about what you buy.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We sincerely appreciate your business & look forward to beginning this new chapter with you.

Dale & Michelle L